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We are meant to be in a balanced state.  Our bodies are meant to be healthy, our minds clear and discerning, and our hearts filled with love and compassion.  Reiki helps us get there.

Create your own relaxation experience.  Combine sight, smell and sound in your very own unique way.  Choose your favourite nature or background scene, essential oil, and music and enjoy your Massage or Reiki treatment.

The journey of the soul is not for the weak – it is an ongoing practice.  Honesty, hard work , and self-reflection are needed and we cannot complete our mission on our own.  We need the energy of others to help us overcome our obstacles, yet we must be independent and complete this on our own.  Each person’s path is different, and remarkable in their own way.  We all have different wounds but we are made up of the same emotions.  We are all the same energy, yet different.

Sometimes dis-ease will manifest in to our cellular tissue to challenge us and force us to take a look at the much bigger picture.  Disease is not a punishment for something we’ve done wrong, it can be a gauge to let us know when we are off/on track.