Hi everyone!

I’m very happy to announce that as of May 22, 2021 I am re-opening my doors to provide Massage Therapy and Reiki. I am an essential health care worker and have had my 1st vaccination. I now feel completely confident that the benefits of providing massage therapy out weigh the risks.

There are many procedures in place to make it a safer environment for both you and I. There will be minor adjustments to how my treatment room is setup which is posted below.

Here is a list of important things for you to know before your appointment.

  1. Please bring a face mask, it will need to be worn throughout the massage. It doesn’t have to be a medical grade mask, cotton is perfectly acceptable. I have a supply at the front door, just in case, so don’t fret!! 🙂 Let me know if you have any breathing issues as this will exempt you from wearing a mask.
  2. I will need to screen you before the massage. I will post the details, of the screening on this page, and/or on my facebook page. I can also send texts or e-mails at your request. If you have physical symptoms of a cough, cold or signs of not being physically well when you come in, we will need to reschedule your appointment.
  3. I will have hand sanitizer at my entrance which you may use, or you may wash your hands in the bathroom. I will also have sanitizer in the massage room as well.
  4. All blankets, table warmer, heating pads, and bolsters will be removed from the massage table. The massage table will be fully sanitzed after you leave, also the massage stool, bottles, music player, door knobs, bannister and the bathroom.
  5. I have a variety of contactless ways to pay, including the Square contactless chip reader (Interac, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX), or you may pay by e-transfer. I am also set-up with direct billing through Telus Health that covers most major insurance companies. I will still accept cash or a cheque.

It’s been a tough year for people’s mental health and I want everybody to feel very comfortable, relaxed and at ease! Listen to the music-enjoy the solitude breathe, or mediate. Do what makes you happy, and if you want to chat, I’m always happy to engage 😉

I look forward to seeing you all again soon – I have missed everyone!!


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